Lover Boy

Dear boy I once loved:


There was a glare in your eye that only appeared when i walked by,

And my dull grey eyes would turn joyous blue everytime,

Everytime our thoughts intertwined it made my heart skip a beat,

Did you not see what you had done to me?


Before I ever let you in you held me tightly and said, "I will never hurt you"

And I felt so safe,

So protected just knowing that you had all of me

Between the grasp of your fingertips.


But then I fell,

Hoping that you'd catch me,

And once I shattered,

You left me;

As if I meant nothing to you.


I realized you never loved me;

I tried to change for you,

I smiled more often;

My eyes were only blue for you

And you never seemed to notice.


And then I saw you again,

But you just didn't look the same

You looked so shallow and dim;

And I realized my friends were right all along.


I was too good for him.


















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