I need my fucking space.

I take my place in fucking Space




Up! Up! And away now

I’m light years way out

Here I don’t feel weighed down

Here my screams don’t make sound


I just wait in Space, wasting space,

while I’m waiting fucking spaced-out

I’m way far off my spaced route

I’m lifted


it’s empty.

The silence is more than complete

Lost in space, It's just me.

    There’s nothing beneath or above me

This darkness feels so lovely

This void, though cold, just hugs me


I am nearer and nearer

to somewhere nearer

Yet nowhere near anywhere

I’m here and there

barely here, barely there

Where I’m headed is not nearly clear

I’m just careening through this dark, cold, cosmic constant.

speeding through the constellations, I’m consulting my conscious,

that is constantly haunted.


I’m tripping on my Space trip

but, I won't give a shit,

I'm reaching hyperdrive in my Spaceship

I have no plan,

I’m just planted on my ass and,

I’m just a planet on my axis

I’m just rotating and I’m passing

I’m just chilling and relaxing

relativity, mass, and gasses

There’s no gravity of reality to grasp me

I’m blasting off, blasted

through Space and time, I'm passing

I’m just taking space, and time, and laughing

Trying to get a piece of mind, to be happy


Just look at all this fucking space now

I’m just Spacewalking, fucked up,

completely fucking Spaced-out

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Our world
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