Big Fat Indian Wedding

The odours and smell assault me first. 
Fried fat, sticky sweets and over piqued thirst.
Energetically wrapped in fest and jest, 
Of celebrations that can't be left. 
Then comes the music, loud with a beat.
Punjabi singer croons in sexy heat. 
Arms bounce, heads tap along and so do feet
In a sweaty, happy, dance-along feat. 
Cousins whirl around and so do aunties, 
Hovering in groups, gaggles and threes
Mehindi lined arms and bright cholis 
Waving and corralling as they push me. 
To where the tall, fair and dashing groom stands 
Shoulders pulled back, nervous smile, clasped hands. 
We've met a fist-full of times- more was banned
Now we're tied together in an occasion grand. 
Seven steps around flames, vows are made. 
And I'm no longer a Miss but Missus instead. 
We've been tied together forever in their heads. 
Then does the Big Fat Indian Wedding end. 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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