Life is Crazy

Life is crazy
Never filled with just roses and daisies
There are highs and lows,
Time that comes and goes.
Days so hazy.
Over and over we bend and break
Constantly living with the heartache.
Life is not easy,
Never meant to be rainbows and lazies
We work through the lows to get to the highs.
Doing our best to just get by.
This is your life.
You get to decide.
Who you are.
If you will try.
You are amazing.
Worth every minute.
Every penny.
Know if you try,
The world will not just pass you by.
Look in the mirror.
You are a work of art.
No matter you shape
No matter your size.
The best part is your heart.
You are special.
That should not be a surprise.
If it is, then I sympathize.
Not everyone knows their worth
because life is crazy,
it is so not easy.
It tears us down,
But you can get up.
You are made of some pretty tough stuff.
Know you are loved, 
every inch
every hair.
The hearache will fade,
You can step out of your lair
you will survive another day.
Believe in yourself.
You are amazing.
Enjoy life,
Because life is crazy.
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