Don't Speak on My Attire Till the Choir Comes1

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 16:14 -- Iscarus
Left my feelings under the door.
Unspoken words left me wanting more.
I feel as if I have to keep emotions covered up,
because the emotions I'm emoting are potent.
They have the potential to cause an explosion,
if I choose to blow up.
Only way that'd even be possible is if you were to show up.
Left my conscious under the bed.
Don't need a voice when I have you in my head.
Speaking of, let's speak on the fact,
that you let the elephant in the room get fat,
exactly how I wanted you to feel.
Flatly haunted me, till I revealed,
that I love you, like Lucille.
Standing there in a ball-gown,
singing ballads in the ballroom.
We can dance, my ballerina;
Watch the sparks fly like a home-run at the ballpark.
And float past the stadium like a balloon; you're out
Of your mind, if you think I'll ever find another chance to
dance to chase away the pain.
Dance away the time when I didn't know your name.
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