3*2*1 Smile

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 01:12 -- Kat14



Everything you do,

Is picture perfect you see?

It might not fit in a frame,

But life is the memory.


I remember I’d never stop running,

Because my shoes were worn out.

I loved buying new ones,

And picking a new route.


I love to think back

To the training and the worst,

Because I know that’s what it took

To cross the finish line first.


I love it when a kid

Is happy as can be.

They swing their head up, and

They’re smiling back at me.


I love it when people laugh,

It’s like there’s a stop in time,

Good thing living in the moment,

Is yet to be a crime.


If you think of all the things

That we enjoy in life,

All those picture perfect moments,

With your children, husband, or wife.


Everything is amazing,

Life itself you see.

Everything is awesome,

The world, you, and me!





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My family
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