Without a filter I use huge words

Cuss words, made-up words,

Ugly words like butt hurt

I’m positively a grammatical genius

32 on my ACT in English

Now when tell me am I using this?

Certainly not around most of my peers

Existential and renowned are just too long for them to hear

I’m tired of minimizing my potential

For those who think English and science are nonessential

Sometimes it’s hard for me to go without cursing

I get cranky and hangry

I have so many feelings that need traversing

What would you do if you were surrounded by idiots?

I’m a cocky bastard, of this I am keen

Most of you are serfs, bow down to the queen

Here is where my filter helps the most

No one can bear a ruler who likes to boast

I don’t truly mean what I’d say

I’m mature and know being a jerk never pays

Besides, half the time on the inside

I’m struggling with my own insecurities

Without a filter you can see my impurities

I have acne, my teeth aren’t white

The messiness of my hair is a fright

My eyes are small; I’m not lean or tall

I’m humble to a damn fault

There will always be someone smarter than me

Works harder than me

I’m no athletic all-star

So when I take an honest complement it’s quite hard

To know someone means what they’re saying

That I’m gorgeous, hard-working, and “really smart”

It means all my flaws are nowhere in sight

Oh great, here comes my emotional side

The stony façade is going to crack

Again I’m going to cry

I nod, say thanks and smile,

The tears dry, the filter is back

Most don’t know what I’m really like

Normal, I guess? Syke

Of course that’s true on the outside

I know how to act to be cool

What not to say, what not to do

But without a filter I’m imaginative

Extra-ordinary, cool kids will call me weird

I watch lord of the rings every year

I play videogames with dragons like Spyro and Skyrim

The books I read are just as adventurous as I am

Chick flicks, pop music, reality tv

None of those spark any interest in me

I’m alternative, I appreciate art,

I listen to Native American Flute music

I like to experience ASMR

Without a filter I’d probably never shut up

I’d talk about the places I wanna go

Bora Bora, Croatia, the Galapagos

I’d spew out animal facts that I bet you didn’t know

I can just imagine how the cool kids would react

The filter is gone, this girl is whacked

I thought she was one of us, and she was too blind to see

How it tickles me on the inside, having nothing to hide

I’m done being normal, I do decree

Here I am

A beautiful, intelligent,


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Bailey Reynolds

Wow that's a dope rap


This is amazing and inspirational thank you!

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