Insight of Sight

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 00:55 -- zrahm

I walk with my hijab- shadowed but shining

I walk fast, small silent steps, quick pace

I walk and weave through the crowded hallways

No bother to anyone, anyone no bother to me

Hair covered, arms covered, legs covered

But my Speech is not covered

My Sight is not concealed

My Brain is not hidden

My Heart is not veiled.


At school I see fake or real

At home I see harmony or discord

At heart I see friends or strangers

Some friends, until benefits become inept

Other friends, ‘till death do us part


In society I see an inevitable reality

The reality of equity in proximity of inequity

Kids stealing and kids sharing in the same classroom

Spendthrifts and starving sufferers in the same city

Rapists and children in the same playground

People creating life and people leaving life in same building

Little we do but watch the tendencies of humanity


Is sight a gift?

Sight gives the gift of vision

Vision of waterfalls and rainbows

Vision of fire and dirt

We use our vision to create sight

Sight to see some things but not others-

Sight to create Insight

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