Save That

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 14:18 -- Tigris

Save all that drama and animosity 

Cause it ain't for me,

You can be the one to tell Facebook and Tweet

but your standards, I'm not about to meet. 

I wasn't sent here for everyone to like me

So myself is who I'm going to be.

New ways to approach society;

Females call each other queens

and extend your love farther than the seas.

Recognize your true beauty and leave that man alone if all he wants is your booty. 

Cause all women are "dimes" and I swear the wait is worth it. 

No matter what girl in my eyes we are all picture perfect. 

No matter where your curves fit. 

I love myself, and every inch of my waist.

Because no matter how hard other try they could never take my place.

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