Don't Push Me

Don't push me

cuz I'll go

I don't have time to waste

I just want you to know

I'm not fine always sitting here

all alone

I've got pride and it takes

me to another home

where I'm fine

and there is no need to

run and roam

Don't push me

cuz i'm on the edge

One false move and

I could go over

you'll never see me

like a four leaf clover

longing has it's arms stretched out

and it's calling red rover

Don't push me away

cuz you think I'll stay

you may love me

but I don't know

cuz you're always saying

go go go

I'm always saying

no no no

What's the matter with you?

Are you always like this?

should I run and hide?

that would be a twist

You're prolly used to everyone

falling at your feet

you get to look down on em

n tell em that they're neat

not me

I come to you erect

face to face

nose to nose

I aint gonna be like those other hos

so you step

on top of my feet

to hold me down

and then push the rest

of my body to the ground

no matter

I'll just crawl away

and find somewhere else to stay

cuz I'm tired of being pushed around

Don't push me

I'm human

not perfect

but not that bad either

if you think you can

find somebody better

go see her

and leave me alone

to dissolve into the ether

It'll be like I was never

a believer

it'll be like I was never there

it'll be like you never cared

it'll be just as it is now

before you did all those things

to keep me around

before it was me

you thought you'd found

Don't push me

just hold me tight

and let me sleep with you

throughout the night

let me be happy

for once in my life

help me to know

it's not a curse to be the wife

cuz that's how it feels to be pushed around

everyone's afraid of what they've found

a human being

that has bad feelings

when she's rejected

and has to move from town to town

Don't push me

cuz I'll go

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