The Grass is Greener

No matter what year, fear or tear life may bring; remember that there is always cheer that springs.

Let freedom ring!

From wall to wall,

Who would have thought the confederate flag would fall?

May that court stay Supreme for they are the true MVP's.

A door has been opened for all creeds and colors to let their spirits cling.

See that silver lining in every funk.

Thank the ones who've shown the most spunk.

Thanks to the kids who went to college.

Thanks to the teachers who spread the knowledge.

Thanks to the same sex lovers.

Thanks to caring for one another.

Thanks to the fight that shot no gun.

Thanks to that day that love won.

Thanks to that parent who showed support.

Thanks to the decisions of the Supreme court.

Our manners bleed through the cracked pavements of another soul,

Leading to appreciation.

YOU are the good that will save OUR nation.

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My community
My country
Our world
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