Life is Awesome!


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The wonder of the sunrise

and how the ocean never dies


The millions of stars that shine

and the moon that aligns

just the right way in order to give us high tides


The mountains that glow with the snow

and the winds that can strongly blow


Babies that cry and suddenly grow

into adults that we learn to love so much that it is so hard to let go


Flowers that bloom in the spring just to

remind us of what the season can bring


Warm summer nights to enjoy 

with friends and family that I've known since I was just a boy


Running in the rain 

just to feel no pain


Hiking up a mountian to realize you are able

to do more than just sit around and be stable 


Listening to stories told by my relatives and learning about my family roots


so that maybe one day I will feel like I too have walked in their boots


Making Memories that will last for a lifetime 

so that when I'm down I can look back and smile just to realize

I wasn't just standing on the sidelines


These things are what makes Life Awesome

They have made me learn how to really blossom


Thank God for Life and for giving it to me

this beautiful priceless gift has so much to offer

for this is what I trluy believe! 







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My family
Our world
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