Simply Me


I am simply me


Nothing more nothing less

Do I speak differently

Why yes

The shaking you hear is not my choice

Scared that the next word I say will not come out

I stop and pause even before a clause

The pain I feel is deep and very very strong

My words come out slow and somewhat muttered

Yes my friends I seem to have a "studder"

Or "stutter" 

However you pronounce it

I will take this one chance to boldly announce it

My eyes fill in their sockets

Because I have been waiting so long to release this shame from my pockets

The smiles and snickers that I see and hear were and are a part of my greatest fear


But it's ok now because I am simply me.


I stare to say words I dare not try to speak

In fear that you might judge me

"Dumb" and "stupid" is all I hear

My mind is driving me crazy from ear to ear


But now I have decided

There is no more doubt

I will scream and shout it out





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