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I was writing a poem about being in Paris with the woman I love while she was sick but unfortunately it got deleted as I was dictating it because I cannot type period
(Actually. not period. I just love that because that's the way Google transcribed it. It also told me that it will kill me and that I loved it and not her. So I'm not sure whether I want to know if it is right or not)

I want to be a writer not a typer but unfortunately Google one night right exactly what I say
I cannot return to eat my train of thought because my train of thought is like a spider web and you cannot return from a million places.
You see the problem just thinking about this I've got a trillion more
I don't want this pain to last forever but it could
I just want to say to my love open quote
No I do not actually want to say Dad to my love
Surprisingly what I want to say is; something like I love you with all my heart
and always will and always have but I'm not stupid poetry cannot do the impossible it cannot say something that is only feelings
At best it can make an outline in charcoal on a cave wall

My dilemma is much bigger than that and more important than anything that you will ever know

It is this
she is the woman that I must love and we're in the most beautiful city in the world
You would say I should stay and comfort her and make her feel better but you would be wrong
She is tired and needs rest
Is not obvious by now
She also will not be able to rest if my mouth is in the same building with her is
Sometimes love means being quiet or going away but I only have one of those options.

So the question is what should I do with my time
I do have a few options
Foment a Revolution that is long overdue and I keep failing to find the time for
Settling an old score and save lives while doing so
Wasting my time writing poetry such as this
This is absurd why am I doing this now
There are literally millions of better times to do this
So why now
It is now though so why do we live in that world?
I want to live in a different one where things make sense
But I love nonsense more than anything so I would not be happy there
I am on occasionally happy here

But as you can see it is urgent that I leave soon
I do not lie except when I to
If I Lie to You I will make sure that you know it so that you can understand how clever I am
unless, of course, I'm just trying to pull a fast one on you in which case
f*** you I just pulled a fast one on you.

But you had it coming you have to admit that don't you

I must go either a to church or to look at pictures of people drawn from every Direction at once
so I'm sorry if you happen to be enjoying this this poem
But it must end NOW!
if that's what it was in the first place
I don't know I don't even know what a poem is also it didn't now it ended here.

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My family
Our world
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