Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

18 and driven always forgiving

My kindness is my weakness to the immatureness of people

Putting people's happiness infront has always been a must

Until they leave me broken deep in the dust

Many of the humans that I loved to the moon and back

Voiced that everything that I did simply lacked

Ive been betrayled for as long as I know

Making me feel like as far as below

We live in a world full of hatred and evil

When all I wanted was it to be peaceful

But although walking in the storm has been darkness for me

Shedding light for the world has brought me inner peace

In order to survive I ride with the wave

Flowing but not sinking anymore for as long as my grave

Ive overcome the worst to be the best


As for my existence to the world is to live each and everyday

Share some love to those who will always repay

To the people who feel like the world is crumbling

You are the only one to keep pushing to stop the struggling

My advice to you is always keep your head high never low

Show and teach others to always grow.  



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Our world
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