Body Confident

  My feet may be a bit long and I may not have a thigh gap, but that doesn't mean that my legs aren't smokin' hot  

I may have love handles and a muffin top, but these curves are more than your love can handle  

My shoulders may be wide and you can barely see my collar bone, and I may slouch just a little bit too far, but that doesn't mean that my shoulders are not perfect for you to rest your crying head on, as my chubby hands comfort you  

I may have more than one chin at times, too many freckles, and never the perfect eyebrows, my nose and chin may stick out a little too far, but that doesn't mean that I am not beautiful  

I may have 20+ pounds on you but I am beautiful in all the ways you and your skinny Bitch attitude aren't. My frizzy untamable hair that never stays straight or never stays curly can still be flipped over my shoulder, the same as yours, because I am amazing.

I am beautiful, flaws and all because the flaws of my body make me perfect. The stretch marks that cut across my thighs and the scars along my wrists tell of who I am and who I once was and that I am beautiful no matter what your judgementle eyes see of me and no matter what your descrimitory words say against me.  

I am a person of flaws and perfection and beauty inside and out and no one can tell me otherwise because I won't let them body shame me because I am body confident.

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Our world
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