Thanks For The Epiphany's

Thanks For The Epiphany's You left me traumaitized,But now I'm desensitized,When I mesmerize,About the feelings inside.And I don't wanna feel,Something that's not real,When I can't even begin to heal.Why can't I be everything you need?Why can't you see what you mean to me?You were my world in the begining of the year,But now you are nothing more than a fear.A fear that pushed love out of my heart,Because all you did was tare it apart.You met me with creases,But left me in pieces.From that moment on,I knew I was strong,Strong enough to carry on.No I will never be the same,Cause you were the one who kept me sane.Yet I have learned to cope with the fact,That I will never get you back.So allow me to apologize,For my new eyes,Saying goodbye.

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