Truth in Hardship

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 05:55 -- jkim30

Alone and stranded on a bare-naked island,

no food, no water, no warm toasty bed.

The sunlight glares off the endless sea--

my eyes and reality have not yet met.


I watch the first sunrise, cursing my luck.

My stomach joins my moans.

I yell and scream at the roaring ocean

and hurl the nearest stone.


"I'll pledge my wealth to charity,"

I plead to gods of every faith.

"I'll volunteer and do some good."

The silence said, "Too late."


I laze about the dirty shore,

counting old, discarded trash.

Down the coast, I spot a washed-up boat.

To it, I quickly dash.


I wish I had a knife or tools,

or even just some rope.

My excited, shallow breaths reveal

that all I needed was hope.

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Our world
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