Hello, World.

Many people, internationally,

are interconnected through this web of interaction.

This tool has the power to topple over rulers and let voices be heard.

It has lead us to discover new combinations of words and numbers that communicate

new ideas to inspire new minds.


I can’t live without it.


Its benefits has opened the gates of limitation and grant us the power to create anything.

Our imaginations can no longer be silenced.

Our reliance on it has lead us to uncovering truths about lies,

and discovering new heights;

even then, new, larger heights are always expanding, with brilliant fliers leading the charge.


Without a doubt I always have to have it.


Computer Science is the study of all aspects of software.

Many people are unaware of how important it is,

but when they know the components of it, its scary to realize

how significant of its integration of it within society.


We use it more than ever before.

For me, it has lead to never-ending endeavors.

It just makes everything easier, more efficient, and so much better.


I’ll never quit using it, because it made me who I am today.


From the past, to this day, I want to say


Thank You, Computer.


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