Am I Okay

Am I Okay

September 14, 2018 ~ Friday

Kicking, screaming out for help

Sneakers, gloves, here they come

Running through the halls

Coming when you’re called

Are you guilty of ignoring it

Scratching, clawing at the wall

Shaking, heading down the hall

Biting my tongue to seal my heart

Searching my way through the dark

The hand I'm dealt is an interesting one

And I can’t play Texas Hold ‘Em

Not like the others do

In the chaos of the wreck

Jaws of life and mangled mess

Pulling me out with shallow breath

Quiet and calm

No fight left

Is this just one last test

Of bravery at best

What happened to the old me

Everyone is asking

Keep poking and prodding

The question to the world is calling

Not an answer heard at dawn

Upside down

What’s right is wrong

Am I just a pawn being played on

Urged forward in the storm

Step back, out of harm’s way

Am I okay



Inspiration by: John Rzeznik



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