I live in the eyes of others but they do not see the dark hole I have stumbled into. No one helps me from falling but one; my angel she guides me to the light so I may escape the darkness. She does not speak as she spoke once or embrace me as she did once but I know her love is there. I can't live without her I just can not, I will not go on without her! She is the one who gave and gives the life of who I am. Yet here I am living without her my angel in the sky, in my heart, in my mind. She is my guidance, the one thing I can't live without. My angel gave me life that is what mother's do. Yes, my angel is my mother and althought she is gone there is one thing that's true. Physically she left me but she continues to live within me and without her  I will not live. I excepted her physical absence but as her spirit continues inside me I have yet lived without her. I will always love my angel as we live together deep inside because our love has united us and I'm satisfied that this is all I need until never say goodbye.


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My family
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