What i have become

As a fawn in life
The world seemed filled with good
Everything is something everyone could
Ever since 5 I dreamed of being a man’s wife,
Then life became more real
As I grew more old
The rain even seemed increasingly cold
And my colors became a worn teal,
Now I dream differently
I am fancying to be a woman’s wife
Help the ones’ who went farther down a bad road in life
I start to lust after smaller things without any certainty,
Many words can describe girls like me
Odd, Crazy, Unclear, or even Mad
I could even tell you that I am Sad
But I believe I am superior escapist that holds all the keys,
Even in a bull dozer society,
I manage to be what I am inside.

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Thank you for reading my work. I have been writing ever since I could remember. I really would love this scholarship. I would not let you down.

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