I found my person

I would so gladly take him with me,
Across oceans,
through deserts,
above the atmosphere.
My best friend,
The one person I can never learn to live without.
His every embrace filling me with hope, when it has all somehow excreted from my soul.
The muse for every moment my hand intertwines a pen and paper.
I was truly lost up until five years ago.
He entered my world when the darkness was consuming me.
Helped me hide from the monsters peeking from behind my eyelids
Picked me up when I fell into a pit of despair. He placed all my needs before his own.
Selfishly I obliged, but believe me,
I have never took him for granted.
His laughter is the music in the wind,
His smile, brighter than the stars in the night sky.
To say I love him is truly an understatement.
I’d never survive without him.
The stupid jokes told at 2 am.
The risks we’ve taken just for the memories.
I am being held together by the threads he needled into me.
My best friend.
He who can preach soothing stories when anxiety strikes,
Who can stop the rivers flowing out of my eyes with a single brush of his hand.
He makes me so much better -- in every way possible.
Whether I am greatly successful
or end up in the pits of poverty,
As long as I have him,
I will never second guess my existence.

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