My "White knight"

Does love really last forever? I mean we have that sense of love you know deep down inside to where we know we really love this person but does love last forever? I mean yes it can last for years and years but how do you know you love someone? Well for me I find myself talking and then 24/7 and I feel this connection with them that I feel with nobody else. If you think about it we are just setting yourself up for heartbreak because one day this person is going to leave your life. Whether it be through them dying or leaving you behind. My question to you is it worth it? Is it worth the Heartbreak that you're going to feel at the end? Some may answer no because it's going to hurt them too much inside. Others May say yes because you have this sense of joy in your life to where you just don't want to let it go and you have this little twinkle in your eye. this person that you think you love just lights up your world when they entered it. you didn't want them to really enter what u call your life. but they crept their way into the darkness and with the light that they have inside of them. They lit the darkness and all your demons were exposed. They just crept into a darkness that was your so called your life. They exposed you and now they know everything. But how do we know that they won't release your demons? that they won't let them out. Because one day when they leave. your demons will grow 10 times taller than 80 times bigger than you and and you just have to sit there and you will just be like this pebble this grain of sand. your demons will be so much stronger because they know your weaknesses. You will feel them breathing down your back. you'll feel them slowly killing you. But this person came into your life and so they are going to help you fight your demons off. One day they might get tired of it. Tired of always being that white knight.The one that always saves you. The one you always lean on. They might grow so tired of it that they leave you in the dust. You don't want them to leave because they expose your demons and you can't defeat them alone that's why you left them in the dark. That's why you left them away hidden deep inside. But this person was so eager to know you that everything was exposed. Yes they may stay. They may stay for a long time fighting these battles against these demons they've Unleashed but maybe just a little bit we all have it wondering in the back of our heads what if they leave. what if they leave me with these demons? Then I have to fight alone. Will I be able to survive through this? But this person comes into your life they mix it all up and you're there and in that moment you love them so much and you feel as if you're on top of the world. Like this the peak of your life, because you think you found the one that you love so much you never want to let go but we all have to accept the fact that one day they might leave us. So back to the question does love really last forever. If you ask me it doesn't but you always have the sense of love for that person. If you have love whether it be your family or your spouse. Hold onto it for as long as you can because that sense of love will fuel the rest of you. So does love really last forever?

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