The Filter for College


"Write about a trouble in your life," they say-

but in no way

     can I relay

       the way that I got laid

into the sad bed of impurity

as a seven year old that was raped.

no, that's too personal.

They want it Clean, Cut and Polished.

"My life was hard(ish) but I've risen to the occasion!"

                 I am a diamond in the rough,

Look over here, and you'll see

my grades don't suck.

They could be worse, like THAT kid over there, who lost her mom to the war of cancer and fights depression on a regular basis and tried to commitsuicidetheotherday, so, I wrote her a song so that maybe she would understand that    someone    is    actually    there    for      her. 

No, you want

a cute cliché

beautifully written essay 

about what makes me a fabulous student.

I'll write some white lies,

and put on a mask,

and paint my world just the right color


So, that


I'm offically a college student.

and you have no idea who I really am.

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