What's Wrong With Me = What's Wrong With You

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 20:24 -- el1027

A/N: This is better served as a performance piece, as it is the first Slam poem I ever wrote. So I will indicate actions in my performance with



Let's talk about some things for a minute, let's talk about me, myself, and I, let's feed the stereotypes of egotistical teens around the world because today, we're gonna talk about my problems my life, my ups and downs, my wrongs, my rights, my attention whore, my fat, my medical needs that can't be helped my... *Deep Inhale* asthma.


Wow, out if all the things I can't do right it's breathing.... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that if I run for two seconds I almost pass out, I'm sorry that my so called "disabling disorder" causes me to breath heavier, deeper, apparently louder than a lion breathing so hard that it prohibits you from minding your own damn business.

Breathing is a problem for me but breathing is a thing I do a lot...... breathing. Breathing, breathing, heart beating fast my head racing hands shaking, bad thoughts in my head swirling twirling, spiraling down down, a frown on my face, dep, dep deep, deep, dep, dep d-depression and anxiety.


The feeling of not being able to help yourself but helping others, the feeling of being so scared to say hi, because you'll vomit when you do. The feeling of dying inside, but faking a smile to make it look like I'm okay, I'm fine I'm fine, I'm not ffff-, stop you can't let them know, conceal, don't feel, not just from a kids movie, it's real, I do it all the time, but I'm definitely not fine, I mean, OH no I let it slip, sleep, sleep is what i need, the only thing to feed my needs, it takes me away from a horrible place, I thought it was the right way, but then I realized I was deceived , I learned a while ago the problem is not me, it's society, so all I have to say now is goodbye trust me I won't die anytime soon, but I have 1 statement-


We're all the same, equal, peel the skin and it's all the same, but you ask what's wrong with me? Well, honey, what's wrong with me. equals what's wrong with you.


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