Palindrome poem: The Puffer-fish of Student Loans

Tue, 03/01/2016 - 12:28 -- 16tianm

Puffer fish-

imitates borrowing a student loan.

Deadly, life changing,

bodies petrified.

It awaits humbly, slowly;

innocent upon first glance.

Like the holy lizard it ripples through the sea.

To take on such a thing is to commit suicide.

It does not rest, it haunts.


HAUNTS it, REST NOT does it.

To commit suicide is to take on such a thing.

It ripples through the sea like the holy lizard.

Glance first upon innocence

Slowly, humbly, awaits it.

Petrified bodies.

Changing life; deadly,

Borrowing a student loan imitates

Puffer fish.

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