My gift.

My voice.

A melody.

A tune.

A sound.

Which then became

Words recited rapidly

And rhythmically.


I soon discovered

It was a form

Of p-o-e-t-r-y.

Yes, poetry.

Spoken word.

My token,

To freedom

And self- expression.


With poetry,

I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

I am only one body.

One mind.

One soul.

I can only carry and hold

So much.


And each night,

I pray

I hope

I could cope

And recover from

All this misery

I once suffered.




From all these


That made me

Start to wonder.


All the break ups

That put me through hell

All the times

I’ve felt as if

I was drowning

And trying to gasp
For air.


Let me tell you!

Poetry was the only one

That stayed by my side.

The only one who

Made me felt alive.


The only one

Who taught me

To release everything

That I’ve held inside.


Cause if I don’t!

It will only make me


Not stronger.


I have to give a round of applause to

My creative juices

That have been running

Through my blood and veins

For so long.


Thanks to poetry,

AKA my H20

My necessity.

My ride or die.

I was able to survive

This roller coaster

I once called 

My life.



















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