Who Can Judge?


Who can judge my dirty blonde hair?

Who can judge me on what I should wear?

Who can judge me on what I should say?

Who can judge me on how I live my day?


We all live in the world,

We all have a heart that feels,

We all have a soul that can break.


Who can judge my pale skin?

Who can judge her for being fat or thin?

Who can judge him, does this really needs to be discuss?

Who can judge us for just being us?


We all breathe,

We all think,

We all learn.


We are born beautiful,

We are born perfect,

We are born to love, and

We are born to grow.


Don't ever let a person judge you.

Don't ever let them make you loose control.

This is your fight and game too.

You have your own soul.


To be honest,

at the end of the day.

Who can judge?

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