The Sun Gods are Greatly Saddened by Modern Technology

The old gods were so used to being the center of attention

but these days they receive almost none.

Oh, how they try and fail to stay relevant

in an age where we no longer need the sun.

Ra is resentful of our electric bulbs

and the streetlamps that shine so bright

because we no longer need to pray to him

to help us see throughout the night.

And even in the day

we never go outside.

Never letting the sun touch our skin,

surely this must make Apollo cry.

Even Aurora admits some anger

though quickly it fades away.

Since we never wake up at dawn

to see the sunrise that she made.

We don't need the sun for warmth

for we have machines assigned that task

to fend off the chill of wintertime

powered by electricity and burning gas.

Vitamin D now comes in capsules

and UV light can be man made.

The sun gods must feel quite usless

in this high-tech modern age.

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Our world
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