Am I that
Could I be that
Wish I could be
Looking in the mirror I saw them all
Big nose, big forehead, ugly smile
I fixed the smile
But what about the rest?
Work out
Try to get a bigger butt
Thicker legs
Bigger arms
Try to gain weight
Am I too skinny?
Looking into the mirror I saw them all
Why must God have made me so small?
Whats pretty about me?
My eyes it must be..
People compliment them so much
But is that it?
Wish I could be like Beyonce
In my eyes she was flawless
She had everything
Not a flaw I could see
Soon I began to realize
Maybe I am also flawless?
Maybe I am pretty
Everyone has they're own beauty
There is no perfection in anyone
I had to tell myself
"Stop trying to change yourself
Stop wearing make-up
No more work outs
No more forcing yourself to eat more
You are flawless in your own way"
I struggle sometimes in maintaining my belief
But it doesn't all come in one night
It takes time
Looking in the mirror I no longer see them all
Im starting to see what people mean when they say
"You're so pretty"
I don't have to have a small nose or small forehead
I don't have to be thick..
Am I that
Could I be that
Yes, I can
I am smart
I am beautiful
I am content

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