Today's Armor

Wed, 07/01/2015 - 23:29 -- dnaomi


The battle had been a hard one that day


She had been bruised and beaten in the fray

Sitting alone, she thought of what had past

The same morn’ a shadow the sun had cast

It was a day meant for death and battle

She had felt such fear up in the saddle

High on her mount she sat tall and straight

And accepted her precarious fate

With a frightening roar that shook the ground

They started straight and with their feet did pound

The angry beating drum had set their pace

Enemy in sight, hearts began to race

She’d known they were out numbered ten to one

They’d lost countless lives before it was done

She hated war, that bloody ugly thing

But to the end she would follow her King

Wise in victory, but loathing war

Everyone knew he was good to his core

Smiling with the thought of him in her head

She cleaned up her armor then went to bed

The next morning early they all arose

A glimpse at the horizon and they froze

Smoke rose high as the enemy drew near

“The battle is not over,” she thought with fear

“Together we will win, fresh courage take

for God and family and freedoms sake!”

Her hear once frozen still with strength now beat

In a grassy field their forces did meet

The enemy fought with a defeated wrath

They did not take kind to yesterdays blood bath

This war had been raging for far to long

But it would not stop, no matter the wrong

Each year new generations were born

And still they fought, in armor they’d adorn

Both sides grew more fierce, each and every fight

The enemy in blood they did delight

She wished with all her strength, there in the field

That all the blinded hearts would be healed

When sun had set all retreated to rest

She spoke comforting words then wounds did dress

And then she came across the resting King

Quiet and peaceful he’d started to sing

She did not understand how he felt peace

He beckoned her close, then softly did cease

“You seem to have a question,” the king spoke

After a while the silence she broke

“How is it you are completely at rest?

I can’t stop the fear, though I try my best.”

The King glanced at the stars and gently sighed

Then with a deep found wisdom he replied

“The enemy comes with what they had at first,

Their only thought, to quench their bloody thirst.

Notice my armor, stronger than before.

Slowly, but surly, we will win this war.

Today’s armor, you now must understand

Is never quite as strong as you had planned

You can strengthen it each day, part by part

And be able to withstand every dart.”

She sat a small while, pondering this

Inside she felt a warm and peaceful bliss

She walked to the smith to improve it more

Her armor would withstand the next day’s war!

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