my universe

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 13:51 -- mgbrown

you were my universe,
beyond just the sky
you were my everything,
including my demise.

you held me close,
skin on skin,
until we broke
and came to an end.

you ripped yourself
apart from me
and said nothing else
you just watched me bleed.

awash with shame,
i find myself
taking the blame
you should've felt.

with each passing hour,
the memories still don't fade
they taste too sour
and make my heart ache.

i cry with the moon
and yell with the sun
this is you.
look what you've done.

i am losing myself
i am losing my mind
the pain you felt
is nothing like mine.

one by one,
my friends give up
this isn't fun.
don't say it's bad luck.

because that's not your name,
so that can't be
i know who's to blame,
and it certainly isn't me.

you're just a thief
who breaks into hearts,
leaves them in shambles,
then quickly departs.

what did you steal?
was my heart not enough?
now i can't feel
now i can't love.

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