Life Happens

Babies are crying, while people are dying.

There's always that one, that you say you love.

Why though do they hurt, they're face down in the dirt.

You're yelling, they're running, you're leaving, they're wanting forever sleeping.

When she says that it's over, you come running like red rover.

But what she dont get is you're not through, you're going to do to her what they did to you.

Get over it, you yell, your lies are starting to sell.

She isn't buying them yet, her heart sill hasn't set.

Finally the times up, and you're ready to get the job done.

Now the tears and blood collide, and you're to weak to hide.

The sirens are going, and your fear is showing.

Now everything you ever wanted, is disappearing in this moment.

No longer is she getting hurt, because you're face down in the dirt.

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Our world
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