What Will They Think?

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 12:42 -- MrRaven

A heartless beating thumps in my chest

My head manifests an illusion of what was

Sending a tidal wave of confusion and worry to an aching mind.

In an ever running culture addicted to wants rather than needs

I wonder what it was like when all we had was cave paintings

Sitting around a fire telling stories, valuing each word

But now we barely read the words that we are texting

And our humanity is fleeting with each Snap chat

Overwhelmed by indulgence and saturated with Greed

I am disgusted by my own partaking

So my heart keeps on breaking as these kids are dying

We are slowly killing our own souls with hollow pleasures

How can I ever be happy in such a world?

Where the only happiness found is in an unobtainable now

Quick, cheap, and in demand we buy it

Impatiently we deny what doesn't instantly come

Someone hoping to fill an ever growing gap

Will feed materialism to the Void

And somehow we believe this will appease our secular God

We sacrifice our individuality with each false smile

Each click of a selfie as a bullet to our sovereignty

Yet everyone seems to ignore our slipping sanity

We cut at nature, slowly kill our Mother

Forgetting it was her who taught us to leave treetops and stand upright

Yet now like teenagers we rebel thinking that we're right

And what's left is that we hunch over but now at desktops

Rotting by the dim light of computer screen

Designing a romantically idealized future

We shamelessly build monuments to our name, claiming to be gods

We worship ourselves

The only creature know to contemplate its own self

Selfishly we mark ourselves king of the Animals

Somehow believing we are ethereally appointed so

So much so that it is marked in our dichotomy

Etched within our social philosophy and burned in our psychology

And with each scar we inflict on the World

Each submissive violation without hesitation we slowly devolve

How dare us

We claim to know what true beauty is

So we paint the world with makeup like we paint ourselves

A mask, to hide the insecurities

We try to wipe away what doesn't smooth into our delusion

But in our arrogance we destroy what keeps us alive

Cutting at the vein in Vanity we slowly pale from blood loss

Choking ourselves on the sludge of our own gluttony

I keep on losing my faith in Humanity

Flipping through the channels of the television

Hoping to find anything to redeem ourselves

Yet all I find is conspiracy and reality TV

We broadcast our rash stupidity, leaking into space

We represent ourselves as violent and naive

Creatures who prefer to maintain arrogance rather than intelligence

Yet still we speak out against everything that we are

One voice for our future Children

What will They think of us?

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