Last Train to Paradise

We've reached our end, you and I. But it's okay, at the end of this is paradise.

Where the people are happy, and you get to smile, but before you cross over, why don't we sit for awhile.

I always thought we'd be forever, that this is something we'd do together, I'd never imagine you leaving.

But I guess every good thing does have an end, and now I'm forced to say goodbye to a mentor and a great friend.

You've gotten to watch me grow over the years and we've been through the laughing, crying and tears. But your next journey nears and I can say this world no longer carries any of my fears.

Because the moment you pass over, will be the moment you take a piece of me with you, and I'll walk away from here without the conflicting issue, that when you leave I'll miss you.

But I can hear them coming for you, and I've accepted this, but this still doesn't seem true. How can I let go of you.?

And now they're hear and I've panicked, to see you smile, hear you laugh, I have to have it.

I spoke so many words yet not the ones that meant a thing to your heart, how can this come and tear us apart.

Who's given them that order and on who's authority, you aren't an expensive good that I can use with a warrenty.

I hate this, I hate the thing that's taken you away from me, this cruel world that's trying to pull a prank on me.

I .. I.. Oh how could I've been so blind, to be so enraged that I didn't realize the time.

How could I not have seen this in the work. All these years, you've body hurt, you tried to keep up but it, but it was no use, you were a ticking time bomb and someone ignited the fuse.

You've been left by your baby sister, brother and mother. How could you bear to lose another.

How could I not see that Uncle Lee's over there waiting on you to kiss you lips and hug your hips and tell you just how much he's missed you.

Maybe I'm I've lost my sight and understanding of all of this. Your presence will be missed.

Dying once is worth more than living twice, so please no more tears, you're on the last train to paradise.

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My family
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