I Am Two


25° 16' 27.8328" S, 133° 46' 30.4896" E

Being two people at the same time is hard.

And I will admit that I am two; one side I guard.


At school, I may look smart and act like I'm on the right track.

In reality, I'm struggling and I'm scared I might crack.

I push to maintain a good grades at school;

So I can go to college, even if everyone I have to fool,

That my life is okay back at home.


At my house, I'm seen as someone who gets too angry.

Perhaps with that, I agree.

But is it so hard to understand why?

We're struggling to get by;

I don't want to be like this that when I get older.

It was hard enough my parents had to cross the border.


Everything I can do now is 'cause of them.

But even with all the bad times, my life is still a precious gem.

No matter how hard I fall, I've got to get up,

And every time I do, I'll ask Life, "What 'Sup"?

I have to change these two, to make them one.

Perhaps they'll be better off together.


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