A field of desire

A common missconception, a desire for the future. 

Leading to nothing but emptiness due to the lack of wanting found in the best of us who 

sadfully fall victim to the most beautiful diamond in our grasp. The urge to progress,

the error to march on, the common thought, it consumes us in lust. 

In a world full of mental sickness, it sadens me to the bone. even The most breath taking 

flower in a field of weeds still seems to prove to the world that she shines when deep down below,

the roots of her fellow surroundings are consuming her within. The power of wanting inside of me rushes to 

pull her out of the ground and show her that the world is sadened without her.

The bliss of the flower, the happiness of the beholder crushed by   a common missconception.

a desire for the future.

a future rushed due to lust, the diamond is falling and my hands are now worthless, unable to pursue

the most beautiful flower in the world.

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