All I Need

Life is controlled by time and space.
With little known to it and time to waste.
But above all what keeps us going.
Is time Itself without no one knowing.

Who really knows who created time.
Rythem, beats, notes and rhyme.
A song that sings with lyrics to match.
As we all dance and sing and laugh.

What else on Earth could be so important?
Than a song on the wind that holds up its supporters.
When life gets us down the melodies bring us up.
As the harmonies sing and along with the chorus.

Yet life keeps moving all the same.
As other smile and go on there ways.
Music is a thing that sticks with us all.
Whether we are here or there or anywhere at all.

The sound the song the rhythm and the rhyme.
All kept as part of time.
Keeps it's importance in out hearts,
As birds sing and winds whistle their songs.

What's most important in this world you may ask?
The act of a song and the way we react.
How often it's played and sang everyday.
Till the day it dies and fades away.

But music will never go you see.
It's in our hearts and minds, gleaming.
Waiting to be portrayed with each young mind.
And brought to life by the chords inside.

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Our world
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