Life is Full of Potential

The first stroke of the brush and im estatic an idea is born
continuous marks commence and im hoping to create something worth talking about
potential is key and this has potential
with each line i create, i can see the ideal image
making careful decisions, i think flawless
And then the worst occurs a smudge is on my paper, then the wrong color, half of the painting turns into something dreadful i look at it as abominable, seize the day i lay paint on this paper
But potential is key and this has potential Quit is imaginative, its the lochness swimming through unscatheful seas
paper paid by hours and days and now to be discard
No, No, No, it will not, it cannot be destroyed
Potential is key and this still has potential
i change things until its enticing to eat paper
Amazing not what was intended but what was created, intensity that the sun could not handle, a fork and knive should be awarded because this is not finger food
Mistakes are made but throwing away what could be masterpiece should never be thought
because potential is key and just like a painting, life is full of it

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