Could You

Could You

September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday

I’m gripping tightly

Onto that which makes me all I ever was and needed

The words I heard and heeded

Almost like history repeating

And, all over again, I'm defeated

Pushed back to where my feet start skidding

Do these things have no meaning

To those who I mean to write about

Here and now is all I have, all I am

There’s no doubt no one knows what’s left

An empty shell or something more

Who’s to say nature abhors

At least the hollow space within me

Seeing without seeing

Is that a crime

Speaking without feeling

Saying without faith

Knowing without grace

Some things are just painfully clear to me

Eyes wide open and don’t see

What you’re doing is making me insane

I’m not normal

But you tricked me into believing I am what you want me to be

All the brainless ones know

Most of us, our pain, won’t show

There are some who say I glow

Shining bright like winter diamonds falling slow

You’re only proving you’re the worst

Never knowing how it hurts

You never could help me, could you



Inspiration by: Priscilla Ahn (singer)


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