Through the Mirror

Once more, I look through the mirror and see exactly the person I didn't want to be. All the life, all the sense, all ambitions I'd need, were gone from the person who stared back at me. Her selfish glare shone bright through her face with no care for anyone, she was such a disgrace. Her mouth spoke but little though it drew to a smile, the words that came out were nothing but guile. She was bitter and angry at life of all things, uncontrolled, tempermental with obvious mood swings. But her eyes did not show this depiction of hate, they were softer and sweeter, of a different state. Her eyes were the last part of "her" she posessed, they were trying, just trying to escape her arrest. She was trapped in this body of self-centered lust, a prisoner of deceit with no power to bust. Her head tilted down and her face became red, the tears started flowing, it was what she had dread. The sobs came for hours, they came without end, but she needed this burst of emotion to mend. But then with a jolt, the tears went away, she was refreshed and alive, like a coming new day. Her blushed face shone brighter, her mind made anew. The day had come, liberation was due.

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