Daddy Issues

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 15:47 -- salemss

I’ve got - two loving mothers Who i’m sure - passively still love eachotherWho both supported me through panic attacks and shaking shuddersWho did their best to hold me near when I was paralysed with fear. But damn! I wish I had a Dad! There were times when she was goneHer feet dragged her down until she couldn’t go onAnd we couldn’t handle any feelings that weren’t said through songAll she could do was hold me close through her drug-induced comatoseBut Mama, I swear, I don’t blame you.  And, well... There were days I didn’t know herThree jobs, college, and fear up to her nose, herAnxiety got the best of her past even broken bones, sheNever knew peace so how could she give it to me?But Mutti, I swear, it wasn’t your fault.  Until 8, I grew up with a mom who wasn’t mine,Sometimes, her morals all paused to hit rewindAnd I’d find with time that sometimes being alone is better than living in an abusive home,Susan, don’t you dare claim you raised me.  But still... My moms did the best they could,I grew up loved to the beat of goatskin and wood, And maybe they didn’t raise me like a mom should,But they raised me to feel, Empathy so high I can lose sight of what’s realThrough it all, you two have always loved me.  

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My family
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