Me and My God

Me: "O My Lord
I know this life is a Journey
And the paths here are Slippery
Although I try to walk very Cautiously
But the charms of world attract Me
My heart desire all that is Fancy
But I have to listen to YE
And give up the world of Ecstasy
And those who lead the life of Hypocrisy
Are enjoying the life in its Enormity
Their actions are marks of utter Depravity
But they have been blessed Generously
And I lead a life with Modesty
Isn't it a Disparity
Oh! God then comes to mind, why Me?"

God: "Because my dear, I Love thee
I Want to set you Free
From the fetters of temporal Fantasy
All these joys are Momentary
And what I Chose for you is Permanently
Do Thy want what is Earthly
Or seek for blessings that are Heavenly
The beauty of this mundane world is a Fallacy
All that is alluring will turn out to be Ugly
The leisures and pleasures here are Unworthy
The earthy gain is just a Folly
All the progeny of Adam and Eve
On Judgement Day will face The Decree
No-one then will have a chance to Flee
That Day I want you to Be
Under the shade of My Mercy
And enjoy The Blessings Eternally"


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My community
Our world
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