The Real Beauty

I wonder what beauty really is,

I thought it is someone who you’ll miss

Like in the whole, a missing piece,

How great you are to tame the beast!


You’re the true iris in me,

Brighter than the rainbow if you see,

How wonderful you attract a bee?

More pleasant than a rose can be


You sing like the chirping of the bird,

Your voice is what I want to be heard,

I’d just want to say a few words

That you comprise my whole world


Like chocolate is your sweetness,

That is true because I witness

How you erase my bitterness

When I am in so much darkness


When all is gone, you bring me hope

Like a rope in a mountain slope

When I give up, you say to me, “Nope!”

How great when you easily cope


I’m just an ordinary human

But you are an extraordinary one,

Your value is as high as the Eiffel

But compare to you, I’m just a trifle


Oh! You’re an exceptionary!

I just can’t think what my life be

Without you, I’ll always worry,

Day and night, I will be lonely!


You just think you’re a “nobody”

But for me, your “one and only”

Stop! Don’t be so very weary,

Just be yourself and be happy



In cards, I’m the joker, you’re the ace,

The smile in your glamorous face,

Makes the beat of my heart to race,

Faster than the king can haste


You’re faith is like a raging fire,

In noisy silence you’re the lyre,

That’s why God blessed you true beauty

And above all a great witty


Truly, you’re the peace in a fight,

Lucky, I have you in my sight,

Beautiful as the stars in the night,

In the nocturne, you are the light!


I’m you’re number one supporter!

I’ll cheer for you ‘til my lives over,

“Will I quit following you?” Never!

‘Cuz you’re in my heart forever


I can say it to the whole nation

That you really are my inspiration,

It is not really a question

To ask if you’re my aspiration


The memories of you, I’ll treasure,

When I’m down you’ll be my leisure

My endearments for you can’t be measured,

Even if you check you can’t be sure


So now, I’d just want to thank you

Because you cherish what I do,

You’re the one I’ve fallen into

And I’m always here for you


If you will fall, I’ll carry,

If you need a shoulder, I’ll be

For someone like me who pity,

You’re the real beauty Naomi!

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