Scarred But Believing

'Because I love you'
Means many things
Like reassurance until our end
Respect and a sense of humility
Treat me like I'm full of meaning

A smile on a rainy day
If you care enough to be that way
A hero when I need a hug
Or someone to be a cuddle bug

Trust but understanding
If I can't see you quite the same
As scars prevent that way of seeing
But I'll still try in every way

Comfort when my mentality shows
And effort when I need it most
If you can give me these small things
I'll see you as a queen or king
If you can be a hero to me
Then I will give you all the same

'Because I love you' is hard to trust
Because of things we think a must
So if you show me simple things
Then I can believe it's what you mean

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Our world
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