I Cannot Stay

I never knew that one day would be the last hello.

On that corner under our tree with the dream,

Every hurricane of emotion stops; let’s go

With that hint of a distanced gleam

When I see the familiar face of a stranger;

When I see the beginning of the tragedy.

How intensely I know I must go, I will not linger

On that spot where our lives crossed happily.

I was a light in the darkness with grand hues,

Twirling about with an enchanting ease

And how you began to laugh and exuded

All of your distrust and past idiosyncrasies

Whilst sheltered by hope and under a spell.

I have to go now, I bid you a farewell.


No longer am I a child bounded in ignorance.

No longer are you holding my rainbow umbrella.

Words of love wove and spun into indifference

Revealing a fake and imposing Cinderella.

The dreamer has settled for reality

And now guards her heart from lies and cheats.

And you still quake with your instability;

Unable to trust after your own deceit.

The damage is done; the records destroyed

The fire diminished; the promises broken.

History found a way to sneak in and toy

With your stone heart and lustful tokens.

And while you sit begging with tears in your eyes,

I’m sorry, for me, I must say my final goodbyes.


I sat and watched as happy spring days

Crumble and froze into cold winter grays.

My innocence taken and to my dismay,

Was broken from your frequent betrays.

Your angry words and damaging blows

Taught me to force my thoughts numb,

And while you blamed me for all of the lows

I grew up and faced the fact that I am young.

Every memory I strived to push away; to outrun

And every painful day I tried to put out.

But oh how you pulled until you finally won,

Leaving me in ruins with nothing left but doubt.

This time though, it is not as precieved;

This time though, I swear, is my last leave.


Now there is a renewed face walking the street.

Today the heart has stirred and reawakened

To a world full of colors and youthful beats

While a jagged scar a reminder for re-dedication.

I honestly wish you the best in this life

But please do not look to me for support.

If you are ever lonely and surrounded by strife,

Look away and find a different end resort.

It kills me to see those haunted eyes and shaken smile;

It pains me to know I can’t reverse this story.

It’s hard to walk away. Trust me, every sickening mile

Is as if I’m burning out in a lost and grotesque glory.

But you can’t change nor can I forget all the ways.

It hurts to be so close but so far. This is it. I cannot stay.

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