A normal day

Of a happy life

And then in an instant

It's like you've been stabbed with a knife

You see everything you love

Ripped to shreads 

There is life all around you

But you feel completely dead

The blood in their eyes makes you cringe in fear

And there's nothing in the world you've loved so dear

You don't want to be afraid 

You love them after all

But this monster inside them

Isn't who they are at all

You feel like you can't trust them

The people whom you love

But you really shouldn't trust

The thing that they are consumed of

You cry yourself to sleep

The tears flowing steady

But you do it in silence

You have to stay strong and ready

Ready to battle this monster

He's sure to put up a fight

But once he is defeated 

You'll again get to sleep at night

But for now

Your World has been flipped 

Upside down 

Recovery won't be easy

Take it slow now

For this monster affects everyone around

Certainly not just to the person that they have bound

He is a sly one

The monster of whom I speak

He will attack unsuspectingly 

Take you out from off your feet

So never be quick to judge the victims of this monster

They were unsuspecting prey

But rather you are encouraged sit down with them and pray

To god that this monster attacks not again

On the innocent father of two girls

That he loves without end

Because his world revolves around them

Not around the monster as you may believe

Be cautious of this monster for in the future

Even you could be decieved. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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