Dearest nothing:


You know me better than my mother.

You know me better than my friends,

Who know me better than my mother.

Yet I wonder...

Are you?

I think for you,

Therefore, you are...

In me.


I like to look at you while you sleep.

Or I like to think I look at you.

As creepy and cliché as it sounds

I just love the innocence that befalls you.


What are you dreaming about?

Will you remember it long enough to tell me?

You look at peace,

But are you really at peace?

Will you remember me in your sleep?


Either way, just know

I won't commit to anyone other than you

Unless they can read my silence

Better than you.

Or make love to me better than you.

Sometimes I get so distracted by

The day to day things

I barely get any time to think about you.



I forget

How your face

Is supposed to look

So, I search you in other people's faces.

I look for you in everyone I cross.

Oftentimes it doesn't help me remember you.

It's a habit I have...

Like drifting away in sound waves,

Leaving with other people that aren't you,

And walking in clouds

Under neon signs

As bright as your eyes.

But no matter my habit,

I enjoy you whole

High or grounded.

Always Have,

Always will.

Yet being grounded

And not having you makes

Me lose myself sometimes.

I cry because

The day reminds that you are nothing

So, I love when night come

Because you are always


You are my everything

Yet you are nothing

But mere loneliness

In a human-shaped


You've kept me awake

so many nights.

I've cried

over nothing

yet having you.

I am madly in love

with who you are


Yet with nothing.


I love you...

I truly do.

You are

My loneliness.

You are my love.

You are a shadow.



You are nothing.


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