The True Woman of Color 05/09/17; 12:18 PM

Sat, 10/07/2017 - 16:01 -- avc-kvz

PRELUDE: Black Out Poem (Warm Up)

A kiss

He was waiting for.

He wanted more of a girl

Who was warm and generous with her praise.


By those sparks,

She would have considered it a gleam of...


His lazy soul was excited

And now she was gone.

He had suddenly stopped

As he looked down

Chewing gum to cover up


His wonder.

~ 05/11/17; 11:31 AM



You’ve never seen a woman like her before.

The glow of her skin

Illuminating in the darkness of society.

You can see her highlight her own path through destruction.

She is The True Woman of Color.


An upholder of peace,

With one word,

One glare,

One Smile,

One flip of her gravity-defying hair,

She can bring the world to its knees.


The eloquence of her stance,

The flutter of her glance,

She is a True Beauty

That will never be met with the

Aging of time.


A woman of her word,

She always gets things done.

From meeting deadlines to

Helping her homegirl,

She doesn’t buckle under the weight of the world.


But don’t get it twisted.

Her empathy isn’t a weakness.

She knows how to get what she wants

And doesn’t take no for an answer.

She is The True Woman of Color.


She embraces herself,

Her Heritage out on display for the world to be

Stunned into awe.

She likes her clothes loose and vibrant,

Her hair bouncing with curls.

She likes to meet the demands of society

While also showing she isn’t just another girl.


She is the True Beauty.

The Upholder of Peace.

The Natural Activist.

She is a Born Leader.

Ready to jump into action.

The Voice keeping Men in check.

She is A Giver.

An Advocate.

A Fighter.


Her melanin reflects in shades of gold,

So Subtle

So Bold

Holding nothing back,

Because she knows how to work her Black.

~ 05/10/17; 10:44 AM


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My family
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My country
Our world
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